Bentley Legal employs a professional management structure designed to mitigate business and client risk in a professional and efficient manner.

Supervisory Board

Oversee the policy pursued by management and the general state of affairs in the company, together with the task of advising the management, either on request or on its own initiative. Responsible for appointing and dismissing members of the management board, approving the balance sheet and profit-and-loss account and authorizing certain decisions.

Management Board

Promote the long-term success of the Company and deliver sustainable shareholder value. The Board has ultimate responsibility for the management, direction and performance of the Company, and leads and controls the business. The Board is also responsible for ensuring appropriate resources are in place to achieve its strategy and deliver sustainable performance. It directs and reviews the Group’s operations within an agreed framework of controls, allowing risk to be assessed and managed within agreed parameters. The Board is collectively accountable to the Company’s shareholders and Supervisory Board for the proper conduct and success of the business.


Bentley Legal uses industry leading systems to support our Clients and Operational Activities.

The world in which we operate is highly regulated and in order to protect ourselves and our clients from possible fraud we use some of the most sophisticated tools available to us, to ensure the integrity of our process and procedures. They include:

  • Client Onboarding – Worldcheck
  • Financial Accounting – Oracle
  • Fiducial/Banking – Oracle Financial Services Software
  • Custodial/Asset Management – Envestnet PMC & Hedgeguard
  • Enforcement – we report ALL cases of Fraud, Money Laundering, Racketeering, Financial & Bank Crimes to Enforcement Agencies