Bentley Legal believes all our clients deserve a clear and structured approach in their dealings with us and whilst each client’s particular demands may require some individual customisation our over-arching standard process is set out below.

  1. Protection

    • In order to protect our clients’ interests as well as Bentley Legal’s Intellectual Property a mutual non-disclose, non-compete and non circumvent agreement is signed.
  2. On-Boarding

    • In order to comply with Anti Money Laundering regulations as well as statutory requirements the client is required to complete a comprehensive KYC/CIS package as well as provide details relating to the type and nature of transaction to be undertaken. Prior to acceptance as a client, all details provided to Bentley Legal are cross checked against global databases to ensure integrity and to mitigate any opportunity for Fraud.
  3. Proof of Funds

    • Where a client is intending to engage in certain types of transaction and in order to further reduce the opportunities for fraud and non-performance, they will be asked to provide sufficient proof of funds for the specific type of transaction in which they wish to engage. This could be a tear sheet or in the form of a SWIFT 199 message.
  4. Due Diligence

    • All parties will be subject to a rigorous diligence process in order to comply with any Anti Money Laundering or other Regulatory demands and also to protect the interests of any counter-parties involved in any transaction.
  5. Commitment

    • Following acceptance the client will be asked to sign an agreement setting out the basis of the relationship with Bentley Legal. In the case of certain transactions a detailed proposal will be provided for the client, and a further contractual and financial commitment to the transaction may be required.