Fiduciary Services

Bentley Legal offers a variety of solutions to meet your Fiduciary needs. Our experienced team of specialists will work with you to determine the ideal structure for your business and transaction.

Fiduciary Services

  • Cash Management

    A revenue stream passes through our client accounts for subsequent disbursement. A fiduciary account ensures that the parties to the agreement receive their documented share of the revenue stream.

  • Construction/Project Finance

    Protects the investor or sponsor of a construction or infrastructure project. Upon completion of pre-defined milestones, funds held in escrow are released to the appropriate party.

  • Counterparty Risk Mitigation

    Cash collatoral deposited in escrow by counterparties to ensure obligations to pay are fulfilled.

  • Non-Credit Trade Facility

    Alternative to Standby and Trade Letters of Credit to ensure performance in trade or other financing arrangements.

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

    Funds held to ensure compliance with representations and warranties or performance covenants.

  • Litigation

    Funds deposited in escrow pending appeal of a court judgment, distributions to class-action claim holders, or bankruptcy claim processing.

  • Regulatory Requirements

    Funds held until compliance with regulatory requirements, such as obtaining licenses to do business or environmental clean-up.

Fiduciary Agent Solutions

Bentley Legal acts as the distributing agent to receive fees for large complex transactions and disburse to the sellers and brokers involved in the transaction.

Banks have become very wary of handling large transactions for clients without a history of such transactions and in addition, most buyers and sellers involved in such transactions wish to pass the money through a neutral third party.

As a Fiduciary Agent, Bentley Legal handles the incoming funds, and then disburses the funds according to either an IMFPA or other fee disbursement agreement. Bentley Legal provides Fiduciary services to clients involved in a wide variety of commodity transactions.

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