Some of the more Frequently Asked Questions:

Can the Fiduciary Agreements include customized instructions?

The answer is whatever is agreed in writing by the parties to the agreement can and will be part of the Fiduciary Agreement.

Can we act or take further instructions from either party concerning the transaction once the Fiduciary agreement has been signed?

No, the Fiduciary agreement will be legally binding. The only way in which conditions may be changed will be by the written consent of both parties. If the conditions of the agreement need to be changed a new Fiduciaryagreement will need to be put in place.

Where will the funds and title documentation be held?

Your funds and documentation will always be safe under the control of our Fiduciary Lawyers and with a top AAA rated Bank.

Is Escrow expensive?

No, our fee is a percentage of the value of the transaction, this is typically under 1%.

What happens to my money when it’s in a Client account and do I receive interest?

Your funds are not used in anyway. We are acting as a licensed & trusted third party. It would be illegal for us to use or invest your funds. No interest is paid. The funds are held in a non interest bearing account.

Does Bentley Legal perform any due diligence on me or the other parties involved?

We always work within current international Anti Money Laundering guidelines. We will always ask for a copy of the transaction parties passports, address verifications and tax-id’s along with a history of funds. All clients and any counter-parties are cross checked with the information they provide using Worldcheck databases.

Does Bentley Legal offer legal advice?

If contracted to advise then yes, but in the cases of Fiduciary Services we simply carry out the instructions issued in so far as they remain within the relevant law.

Is Bentley Legal a Brokerage?

No we are not. We usually introduce our clients to other clients or to known platform trading operations. We do not send clients details to random unknown third parties.

What does Bentley do if it discovers Fraud?

Bentley has a simple and firm rule. Where Fraud is discovered it is always reported to the relevant authority – whether Criminal or Regulatory – no exceptions.

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